Quality – Even a small advantage can be decisive


For almost four decades now Bernd Kraft® has been pursuing a policy of excellence and continuous improvement in all areas, thus complying with its responsibility to customers, suppliers and staff alike.

A quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9000ff was introduced at Bernd Kraft already in the mid-1990s so as to ensure and maintain the same constant outstanding level of quality of all operational and organizational processes. The goal of this series of standards is to continuously improve process-oriented quality management, the overriding ultimate goal being enhanced customer satisfaction.

Maintaining its ISO 9001 certificate during the past fifteen years is proof positive that Bernd Kraft is committed to reliable, professional process management and fastidious adherence to extraordinary quality objectives.

This also shows that Bernd Kraft’s constant high standard of quality is no coincidence. Fifteen years without any non-conformance is a result that impressively confirms Bernd Kraft’s philosophy of placing quality front and center in everything it does. It’s good to know that with Bernd Kraft® you have a partner that does the best thing a company can do: its very best each and every day.


About AnalytiChem

AnalytiChem is one of the largest European manufacturers of ready-to-use solutions, reagents, salts and standards for chemical analytics in the laboratory. We maintain a stock of more than 10,000 laboratory chemicals for you to call upon. Additionally, we produce custom solutions and reagents according to your requirements, all without a minimum order size and even in small batches.